Pensacola, Florida

Baptist Healthcare
New Surgery Expansion


To expand and improve the surgery suit with a design that mitigated long walk distances, separated ‘on stage’ and ‘off stage’ functions and reduced waste in the flow of the department. The need for parking and a lack of presence was also an area of concern.



Market Analysis, Operational Analysis, Services Demand Assessment, Capital Development Planning, Programming and Space Planning, Healthcare Architecture and Interior Design.


Trinity led both design and operational improvement planning. The Peri Operational process was shortened from a five step process to a three step process with a Pre/Post room model. The design shortened the transfer distance of patients and eliminated cross traffic between public and clinical areas. Finally a new front door was created with a grand lobby space and adjacent parking which made arrivals and pickups more convenient.  This new lobby also allowed for the integration of food services and a new Bistro café.