Columbus, Ohio

Doctor’s Hospital West


A high uninsured population and growing volumes in the Emergency Department created a need for Doctor’s West to expand and modernize their facility. Trinity completed a master facility plan which identified the need for a 55 room ED to support current and future demand. This department needed to be operationally lean and flexible to accommodate a variety of patients.



Facility Master Planning, Market Demand, Operational Analysis, Programming and Space Planning, Healthcare Architectural Design


A two-story 60,000 sf expansion with the ED occupying the ground floor (30,000 sf). This department housed 50 treatment stations including two Trauma rooms, four triage bays, a SANE room and a low acuity area. The operating model utilized a Practitioner in Triage and a podular layout which could flex with a growing/shrinking census.  The department beat national benchmarks by providing the program in a lean 616 sf per treatment station which is 12% below the area benchmark with a 48% circulation mark up to net area ratio. Trinity also completed educational and administration areas for the facility.