Frederick, Maryland

Frederick Health
James M. Stockman Cancer Institute


Frederick Health was in need of an expanded facility to house its award winning oncology program but the selected site brought several challenges, including: a flood plain that bisects the site, a significant 16-foot slope from north to south and an existing ambulatory facility to tie in to. On top of this, the project had an aggressive deadline, tight budget and a seemingly endless list of healthcare codes and guidelines. But rather than allowing these factors to handcuff the designers to predetermined methods of design and execution, Trinity was able to create innovative solutions through an integrated design approach and by assigning intentional key objectives.


Trinity led not just the design team, but the clinical staff, executive leadership team, engineering consultants, equipment planners, construction managers, and subcontractors toward developing this state-of-the-art cancer care center. We knew that an integrated team would be vital to the success of a design initiative such as this, and that each voice would carry an agenda to complete the program within–patient safety and satisfaction, constructability and budget, aesthetics and durability.


The innovative design solution highlights features that encourage hope and healing and creates a highly functional environment for healthcare delivery. The comprehensive patient-centered facility is based upon best practices for cancer care and integrates a multidisciplinary program for medical oncology, radiation therapy, surgical specialists and support services. Twenty-four public and private infusion spaces resemble seats of first class oceanic airlines and embrace patients while providing everything they need at their finger tips. Each station is arranged with a theater-like view of a landscaped enclosed garden.



     62,000 sf