Couer d’Alene, ID

Kootenai Health Family Birthing Center


Create facility solutions and develop a short-term and long-term facility master plan that would address the increase in both population and market share.


The Trinity team identified services that were targeted for growth, and developed a strategy to optimize services and create more space. One area of primary concern was the birthing department. Working with a local architect Trinity’s design added a singly loaded corridor with seven LDR’s, four Peds Units, and 17 Post/Ante Partum Beds. The center also housed a 12 unit NICU, four Triage stations and a new C-Section Suite. As part of this expansion, Trinity also created a new entrance lobby with adjacent parking. The final design created more space, better access, and adjacencies that increased space for future inpatient beds. Trinity’s lean design approach resulted in a savings of over $7 million.


Medical Planning, Operational Analysis, facility audit, Operational Analysis, and Market Assessment



     46,000 sf