London, OH

Madison Health


Madison Health Hospital came to Trinity to help them reinvent the traditional approach of inpatient care and establish a modern atmosphere that furthered their commitment to patient-first care and embraced the future of healthcare. The result was implementation of the first phase of a master plan which re-oriented the entire hospital, placing the new face of the hospital toward the town center and an adjacent city park, adding 37,500 SF and modernizing 8,000SF that gives the hospital a fresh, contemporary image and reinforces the hospital’s brand of providing quality care for the people of London, Ohio.


Wanting to reflect the level of care expected from a large urban facility while celebrating their small town, Trinity centered the design around creating a positive patient environment and supportive staff environment. The result was a carefully crafted space with a clean, neutral, sophisticated design. The sophisticated palette is highlighted with calming tones of blue and gray to hone the feeling of a soothing, spa-like environment that enhances the patient experience. The layering of finishes and the integration of environmental graphics are serene and inspiring, creating a complete experience and clear journey through the hospital. Colors and textures were selected to capture the shimmer and patterns of light changing throughout the day.

With an eye toward the future, Madison Health Hospital utilized this expansion and modernization to rethink its care delivery model, reinforce its brand, reduce the cost of care and develop a care platform that can adapt to future growth and transition. Process improvement initiatives will reduce operating costs and streamline the delivery of care, resulting in an optimal patient experience in a serene, soothing patient environment.


Healthcare Strategic Planning, Feasibility Study, Facility Assessment, Financial Planning, Architecture, Interior Design



     22,500 sf