Marietta, Ohio

Marietta Memorial


An increase in population and market demand required the hospital to plan and implement a cost effective long term facility and operating strategy. Trinity was challenged to objectively analyze the overall net economic impact of a new build scenario as compared to an on-site expansion.


The complete analysis included an evaluation of initial capital expense, as well as an impact study of ongoing capital expenditures, operating costs, and revenues.  The net present value of cash inflows and outflows for each scenario was then plotted over 10-years.  It was found that an expansion scenario cost 44% less than the replacement scenario.  A planning study affirmed feasibility of expansion on-site.  Since the expansion scenario was feasible and could substantially meet the program goals at significantly less cost, the decision to expand on-site was clear.  This objective approach allowed the hospital board to proceed with the confidence knowing they had made the right decision. 

Trinity was also retained to complete multiple expansion phases of this project starting with a $25 million expansion of the Emergency and Surgery facilities. The Emergency Department is housed on the ground floor and encompasses 33,630 sf. including 26 treatment stations. The treatment stations include 2 triage, 6 observation, 2 Private GYN, 2 Isolation, ENT, Pediatric, and a Psychiatric Holding/Decontamination room. There are also two Trauma Rooms, a CT and a Radiographic room, as well as a large atrium contacting full amenities for waiting patients. 


Market Analysis, Operational Analysis, Services Demand Assessment, Capital Development planning, Programming and Space planning, Architecture and Interior Design.



     89,000 sf