Marietta, Ohio

Strecker Cancer Center


The initial project requirements were two-fold. First, to replace the antiquated single and only radiation vault with an additional system that would offer the latest in radiation therapy. Second, to renovate the support space, exam rooms and infusion spaces to create a more comfortable environment for patients. Most importantly, due to the singular vault, the renovation would have to be done without an interruption to current operations.


Trinity developed a proprietary space needs matrix which used national benchmarks for each area.  The final needs/desires were compared to this information to make sure the facility was rightsized. Trinity also analyzed the facility from the standpoint of functionality, operational efficiency, and flow. It was during this stage that it was determined that the Tomo Therapy Treatment System was the best and highest use of the Strecker Center’s resources and at the same time, would provide cancer patients with the latest technology in radiation therapy.  It was also determined that a new entrance and new parking garage could be built, which allowed for better patient access.


Medical Planning, Operational Analysis, Services Demand Assessment, Budgeting, Programming and Space Planning, Healthcare Architecture and Interior Design.



     20,000 sf