How Design Problems Become Opportunities for Innovation

A Case Study on Infusion Bay Design Process
James M. Stockman Cancer Institute

You might think that aggressive deadlines, tight budgets, unforgiving site conditions and a seemingly endless list of healthcare codes and guidelines would handcuff designers to predetermined methods of design and execution. Ironically enough, these constraints sometimes require the additional level of study that inspires innovation and leads to greater success for a project. 

A reflection on the case study of the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute demonstrates how such a series of design constraints for a new outpatient infusion center led to a unique solution. Rather than being forced or contrived, the solution presented itself through an integrated design approach and by assigning intentional key objectives.

To read about the innovative solutions that created a highly functional yet unique environment for the delivery of cancer care, please read the full case study in Healthcare Facilities’ newsletter The Leaflet: