In May 2018, Dr. Betsy Nabel, President of Brigham Health and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, wrote in a letter to employees that “the hospital will need to work differently in order to sustain our mission for the future.”

Our team believes that healthcare space is about more than buildings — it is about working differently and embracing change to reimagine the patient experience and assessing every healthcare service to drive real value and cost efficiencies; it is about changing the process to focus on what matters to patients and staff; and it is about accepting that what works today may not support healthcare of tomorrow. 

Our mission is one of stewardship — stewardship of not only our clients’ financial, staffing and physical resources, but also their future. We combine our unique expertise in business analytics and operational planning with the craft of architecture planning and design. The culture of our organization and passion of our team is to create innovative solutions that provide better service for less cost and are highly adaptable to address the imminent changes ahead in healthcare. To accomplish this, we need to challenge traditional thinking on hospital programming, planning, and development.

Our team has researched, explored and developed deep analytics on best practice Operational Characteristics, Utilization Throughput and Area Usage. We have distilled that information into highly useful metrics that help to assess current conditions and drive change. This focus has developed a confidence and ability to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

Our vision is not to create a best practice solution, but to redefine what best practice is.