Trinity is a national expert in the design of obstetric facilities. From evaluation of your market and strategies through current design trends, Trinity provides leadership to assure that your facilities are state-of-the-art and responsive to market needs.

A question often faced by many providers, is whether to use an LDR or an LDRP model for their obstetric service. Since the answer to this question is not always obvious, Trinity has developed a study evaluating the impact of LDR vs. LDRP services for different size obstetric services. This study considers the impact of both models with regards to area, initial capital expense, ongoing operating expense, staffing considerations and patient expectations.

Some design considerations include:

  • "Sense of entry" to the facility.
  • Wayfinding for obstetric patients and family members.
  • Consumer sensitivity in the obstetric market.
  • Impact of related Women's Health programs, such as education, Perinatal Services and high-risk Antepartum Services.
  • Effective triage facilities for laboring patients.
  • Effective pre-procedure preparation facilities for scheduled C-sections.
  • Minimizing impact of false labors and unscheduled C-sections on operations and LDR/LDRP facilities.
  • Retail opportunities for obstetric patients and visitors. Maximizing utilization of operating (C-section) rooms.